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Lyche Glossary Warning: Spoilers Below


  • Cassor Cassor, one of the six Arboreal elders, wears his long green hair in braids and has scar along entire arm. He is Polsor's brother.
  • Jarlen Jarlen is a young Arboreal whose mother was human. He has the typical light green skin of an Arboreal but the brown hair and eyes of a human. As Zehuti's apprentice, he learned both Thaumaturgy and Necromancy.
  • Chara Chara is a human female from the town of Luceton on the Cold Ocean. She remained behind when the rest of the humans leave to find a new home.
  • Tyraz Tyraz is a young Ferfolk warrior who befriends Jarlen.


  • Aiax Aiax is the military leader of the Ferfolk. His left hand is missing two fingers, he has a scar up the left arm, and his chin is covered in rough whiskers.
  • Aquila Aquila, granddaughter of Falgoran, is one of the six Arboreal elders. She keeps her hair in a bun with three feathers and several loose strands.
  • Eslinor Eslinor, one of the six Arboreal elders, is beautiful with long hair. Some of her ancestors were human.
  • Otha Otha was Zehuti's wife.
  • Septu Septu, second in command to Aiax, has a deep hatred of Arboreals.
  • Yasnol Yasnol is an Arboreal tenderling who frequently taunts Jarlen. He is Polsor's grandson.
  • Zehuti Zehuti was one of the six Arboreal elders. He had an interest in human magic and took Jarlen as his apprentice. He was killed defending Hillswood from a mystical, green fire.


  • Air Spirit Air Spirits are small, transparent spirits summoned by a Sorcerer. Mostly harmless, they generally are not capable of lifting a man on their own.
  • Alchemy Alchemy is the study of liquids and potions.
  • Arboreal Arboreals are a race of tree-dwellers from the tropics with pale green skin. They are polite, slow to make decisions, excellent climbers, and able to speak through nearly imperceptible facial expressions.
  • Arboreal Forest The Arboreal Forest is an expansive forest covering the southern portion of the continent.
  • Blaeculf A Blaeculf is an intelligent and aggressive canine, twice the size of a gray wolf, with a muscular body covered in black fur.
  • Brymorian War The Brymorian War was the most recent, bloody battle between the Arboreals and the Ferfolk.
  • Cold Ocean The Cold Ocean is a large body of water north of the continent.
  • Conjuration Conjuration is the study of imbuing everyday objects with special powers.
  • Dark Whey Dark Whey is a sticky, black substance made from bone powder and used by Necromancers.
  • Earth Spirit An Earth Spirit is a twelve foot tall, headless spirit composed of earth and rocks.
  • Elemental Magic Elemental Magic is the manipulation of air, earth, fire, and water.
  • Familiar A familiar is an animal that shares a special bond with a wizard. The familiar and its master can communicate through words, emotions, and sometimes thoughts.
  • Ferfolk The Ferfolk are leather-skinned warriors from the desert. They are resistant to the direct effects of magic.
  • Forbidden Wood The Forbidden Wood is the remains of the human city of Zairn. It is surrounded by an enchanted wall of thorns.
  • Fracodian A Fracodian is a hairy, pug-faced cross between a human and a bear. Some are able to become berserk, gaining strength and speed for a limited time.
  • Gathering Tree The Gathering Tree is the center of an Arboreal hamlet. It is frequently used for meetings by the village elders.
  • Great Library The Great Library was formerly a monastery in fourth ring of Zairn but now holds the largest collection of books and scrolls in the land. It is a rectangular building with an open courtyard in the middle.
  • Great Ocean The Great Oceans is a large body of water east of the continent.
  • Hillswood Hillswood is an Arboreal hamlet located in the center of the Arboreal Forest. It is home to the six Arboreal elders.
  • Illusion Illusion is the study of disguise and deception.
  • Krofhaven Krofhaven, the largest Ferfolk city, is located just south of the Pensorean Mountains.
  • Necromancy Necromancy is the study of death and the dead.
  • Pensorean Mountains The Pensorean Mountains separate the human lands from the Cold Ocean east of Terun City. They are covered by white pine forests.
  • Razor Mountains The Razor Mountains are the western half of the Pensorean Mountain Range. They are taller and rockier than the mountains east of Terun City.
  • Sabretooth A Sabretooth is a powerful feline predator with long fangs. Arboreals will occasionally tame sabretooths as attack cats against large targets.
  • Sorcery Sorcery is the summoning and controlling of spirits.
  • Staff of Ogma The Staff of Ogma is an enchanted ebony staff in the shape of two intertwined vipers with their tongues extended.
  • Tenderling A Tenderling is a young Arboreal only a few springs from becoming an adult.
  • Terun The Teruns are a race of mountain-dwellers. Short and manipulative, they are the masters of metal and stone.
  • Terun City Terun City is the mountainside home of Terun traders, healers, and merchants. It is less prestigious than the Undercity but more impressive to outsiders.
  • Thaumaturgy Thaumaturgy is the study of blessings and miracles.
  • Transmutation Transmutation is the transformation of one or more objects.
  • Undercity The Undercity is the lower half of Terun City, located beneath the Tooth of the Gods.
  • Wastelands The Wastelands is a vast desert covering the central and western portion of the continent.
  • Zairn Zairn was once the largest city in the land. It was located where the Sinewan River spills into the Great Ocean and was built in concentric rings separated by walls of stone.
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