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The Lesser Evil Glossary Warning: Spoilers Below


  • Hisvii Hisvii is the Transmuter on the Wizard Council. Against their ancient rules, he has been experimenting on living beings.
  • Senfra Senfra, self-proclaimed Knight of the Peasants, is the leader of a gang of bandits who lives in Luceville. After the Great War, his men mutiny, forcing him to chase them to the Cursed Island.
  • Toth Toth created the school of Necromancy. He tracks down a rift between this world and the netherworld located on the Cursed Island.


  • Aethelwyn Aethelwyn is a tall, young warrior with bright red hair and beard. He wields a heavy war hammer and enjoys hunting over the responsibilities of a prince.
  • Gaurial Guarial, a combination of a human and a dog, is Hisvii's lieutenant.
  • Gwenn Gwenn, named after the Celtic goddess of motherhood, is the only female commander in the Tharain army. She has short hair, an athletic build, and a broken nose.
  • Hermod Hermod, named after the Nordic son of Odin, was the legendary hero of Cyllin but is now retired. Tall and strong with a streak of gray hair on the sides of his head, he reputedly defeated the dragon, Vipunen.
  • Kronwulf Kronwulf is the powerful, middle-aged warrior-king who founded Seaton after a brief fight against Aethelred. Dark and moody, he wields a large battle-axe. Although bald, he has a thick black mustache and a deep scar on his chin.
  • Lassinar Lassinar is the current Sorcerer on the Wizard Council.
  • Mathon Mathon, named after the Celtic god of sorcery, is a powerful Elementalist from Cyllin specializing in air and fire. He is one of the only people to escape the destruction of Cyllin by the Ferfolk invasion.
  • Zairel Zairel is the extremely old King of Zairn and a good friend of Ogma. He is building a wall of stone around his castle to protect the nobles that live nearby.


  • Alchemy Alchemy is the study of liquids and potions.
  • Anxiar The Anxiar is a wide river running along the southern border of human lands. It spills into the Great Ocean near Seaton.
  • Arboreal Arboreals are a race of tree-dwellers from the tropics with pale green skin. They are polite, slow to make decisions, excellent climbers, and able to speak through nearly imperceptible facial expressions.
  • Arboreal Forest The Arboreal Forest is an expansive forest covering the southern portion of the continent
  • Black Cod A Black Cod is a fish from the Cold Ocean.
  • Blaeculf A Blaeculf is an intelligent and aggressive canine, twice the size of a gray wolf, with a muscular body covered in black fur.
  • Cold Ocean The Cold Ocean is a large body of water north of the continent.
  • Conjuration Conjuration is the study of imbuing everyday objects with special powers.
  • Cursed Island The Cursed Island is a large island in the Cold Ocean north of Terun City. It is rumored to house evil spirits.
  • Dark Whey Dark Whey is a sticky, black substance made from bone powder and used by Necromancers.
  • Dis Dis is a city in the first tier of the netherworld with oddly-angled buildings. The front gate is built from souls layered on top of one another.
  • Earth Spirit An Earth Spirit is a twelve foot tall, headless spirit composed of earth and rocks.
  • Elemental Magic Elemental Magic is the manipulation of air, earth, fire, and water.
  • Familiar A familiar is an animal that shares a special bond with a wizard. The familiar and its master can communicate through words, emotions, and sometimes thoughts.
  • Ferfolk The Ferfolk are leather-skinned warriors from the desert. They are resistant to the direct effects of magic.
  • Forest Spirit A Forest Spirit is a human-shaped spirit consisting of leaves, twigs, and dirt. It can grow larger as it picks up debris from the forest floor.
  • Garf Garf was Toth's pet dog when he was a child.
  • Great Ocean The Great Oceans is a large body of water east of the continent.
  • Illusion Illusion is the study of disguise and deception.
  • Kroflund Kroflund is the largest town on the Sinewan River, halfway between Terun City and Zairn, with many extravagant inns.
  • Luceville Luceville is a tiny fishing village on the Cold Ocean, rumored to house thieves and assassins.
  • Necromancy Necromancy is the study of death and the dead.
  • Pensorean Mountains The Pensorean Mountains separate the human lands from the Cold Ocean east of Terun City. They are covered by white pine forests.
  • Razor Mountains The Razor Mountains are the western half of the Pensorean Mountain Range. They are taller and rockier than the mountains east of Terun City.
  • Sabretooth A Sabretooth is a powerful feline predator with long fangs. Arboreals will occasionally tame sabretooths as attack cats against large targets.
  • Seaton Seaton is a port city on Anxiar Delta by Great Ocean. It is the second largest city in the land.
  • Sinewan The Sinewan River flows from the Razor Mountains past Kroflund to Zairn.
  • Skeleton A Skeleton is a set of bones animated by a Necromancer. It is able to wield weapons and obey simple commands.
  • Sorcery Sorcery is the summoning and controlling of spirits.
  • Terun The Teruns are a race of mountain-dwellers. Short and manipulative, they are the masters of metal and stone.
  • Terun City Terun City is the mountainside home of Terun traders, healers, and merchants. It is less prestigious than the Undercity but more impressive to outsiders.
  • Thaumaturgy Thaumaturgy is the study of blessings and miracles.
  • Transmutation Transmutation is the transformation of one or more objects.
  • Undercity The Undercity is the lower half of Terun City, located beneath the Tooth of the Gods.
  • Wastelands The Wastelands is a vast desert covering the central and western portion of the continent.
  • Wizard Council The Wizard Council is a a gathering of master wizards, one from each school, to create and enforce the rules of magic.
  • Zairn Zairn is the oldest and largest city in the land. It is located where the Sinewan River spills into the Great Ocean and has been build in concentric rings separated by walls of stone.
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