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The Legacy of Ogma Cover
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Halia, a young woman forced to steal for a living, finds a mysterious crystal orb inside an old decaying castle. To find out what the orb is worth, she travels to Minaras, and old elementalist mage, who, after recognizing that the orb is magical, journeys to the Arboreal forest to check the Arboreals' records for information on the orb. He brings along his apprentice, Oswynn, a lazy but talented wizard who has an undying will to learn powerful magic. Simultaneously, Halia, along with Minaras' other apprentice, Thulin, journeys with the orb to the city of Zairn, to look for information on the orb.
Xarun is a burly warrior who both protects and bullies the townspeople of his small town. He meets up with Ahriman, a wizard who specializes in conjuration and knows more about the orbs than he is letting on. Ahriman, though he already has an orb, is trying to find the other four. Together they go into the Arboreal forest to steal the orb that is safeguarded by the elf-like Arboreals. Once they have retrieved the orb they head towards the town of Krof.
Halia and Thulin, when finding no information in Zairn, head to Krof using their orb as a guide. Once they arrive in Krof, they find Arwold, a young warrior who carries his family's prized claymore, a large weapon with another orb embedded in the hilt. Following this discovery, Halia, Thulin and Arwold join Xarun and Ahriman to begin a quest for the fifth orb and they magical treasure of five all-powerful weapons it leads to.
After finding little information on the orbs in the Arboreal Forest, Minaras and Oswynn, traveling with an Arboreal named Kuril, head towards the ocean to find the magic weapons before the others and destroy them.
If you read fantasy, or like RPGs (role-playing games), this book would most probably fascinate you. Targeted for ages 10 and up, The Legacy of Ogma makes for a quick and easy read, though I have no idea why it is so titled since it is only mentioned about three times in the book! Though the book is only 199 pages in length, there is much more story than there is paper.
E.A. Rappaport writes excellently in The Legacy of Ogma: Book One in the Weapons Trilogy. Look out for Book Two in the Weapons Trilogy.