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The Legacy of Ogma Glossary Warning: Spoilers Below


  • Ahriman
    Ahriman, named after the Zoroastrian spirit of darkness, is a middle aged, half-human/half-Ferfolk sorcerer with wrinkled skin that makes him look much older. He wears a hooded, brown robe and owns the Red Sphere. He was Minaras's first apprentice.
  • Arwold
    Arwold, son of Ardune, is a tall warrior who considers himself the defender of Krof. From a wealthy family, Arwold wield's a sword with the Purple Sphere attached to its pommel.
  • Halia
    Halia is an intelligent young woman with long, dark hair and bright smile. She was orphaned as a child and has been forced to steal to survive. She found the Blue Sphere in the ruins of a castle east of Hillside.
  • Kuril
    Kuril is the Arboreal commander of the Northern Fortress. He is tall and lanky, displaying the green tinge to his skin common to all Arboreals. A scar on his right cheek, from the battle against the Magma Spirit, mars an otherwise perfect face.
  • Minaras
    Minaras is a powerful Elementalist living in Seaton. Balding with bright blue eyes, he owns a huge personal library but regrets giving up adventuring for teaching. His students included Ahriman, Thulin, and Oswynn.
  • Oswynn
    Oswynn came from a line of farmers but has shown great talent as a wizard while studying under Minaras. He received a scar on his forehead from the War Hammer Demon.
  • Thulin
    Thulin is the older apprentice of Minaras. Thin and scholarly, he has been better at magic theory than execution. His parents are famous Conjurers in Seaton.
  • Xarun
    Xarun is an extremely powerful warrior from Farset. Covered in dark hair and heavily muscled, he wields a double-bladed axe and wears boiled leather armor with spiked greaves, bracers, and pauldrons. He had a strict upbringing and was beaten as a child.
  • Ardune
    Ardune, Fracodian Slayer and father of Arwold, was a famous warrior who drove the Fracodians away from Krof.
  • Calan
    Calan owns The Weary Traveler tavern in Farset.
  • Calazar
    Calazar, a mercenary working for Arwold, wears chain mail and wields a saber. He was killed by a specter in the Hillside graveyard.
  • Corselle
    Corselle is Calan's wife.
  • Derst
    Derst is a Terun trader with the largest collection of crystals in the world. He watches guests through enchanted crystals in the walls of his mountainside home.
  • Druida
    Druida is one of the three Arboreal elders. Her long hair is reminiscent of a willow tree.
  • Duma
    Duma, owner of Duma's Elixirs and Sunderies, is an alchemist in Seaton.
  • Falgoran
    Falgoran, oldest of the Arboreal elders, wears a Z-shaped pendant. He is taller and more accepting of humans than most Arboreals.
  • Hafoc
    Hafoc is Ahriman's crow familiar.
  • Mena
    Menu is Calan and Corselle's daughter and helps them run the tavern.
  • Sterm
    Sterm, owner of the Silver Plum, is an honest but gruff jeweler in Seaton.
  • Ulfen
    Ulfen, father of Kuril, is one of the three Arboreal elders.
  • Air Spirit
    Air Spirits are small, transparent spirits summoned by a Sorcerer. Mostly harmless, they generally are not capable of lifting a man on their own.
  • Alchemy
    Alchemy is the study of liquids and potions.
  • Anxiar
    The Anxiar is a wide river running along the southern border of human lands. It spills into the Great Ocean near Seaton.
  • Arboreal
    Arboreals are a race of tree-dwellers from the tropics with pale green skin. They are polite, slow to make decisions, excellent climbers, and able to speak through nearly imperceptible facial expressions.
  • Arboreal Forest
    The Arboreal Forest is an expansive forest covering the southern portion of the continent
  • Arboreal Fortress
    The Arboreal Fortress was once a human castle near Farset but now contains the Green Sphere. Its floors are carpeted by moss, tiny flowers grow on the walls in scenes of nature, and lichen glow when someone steps underneath.
  • Blaeculf
    A Blaeculf is an intelligent and aggressive canine, twice the size of a gray wolf, with a muscular body covered in black fur.
  • Castle in the Mountain
    The Castle in the Mountain is a partially-buried castle at the foot of Mount Therol, south of Terun City. It was formerly the home of the Yellow Sphere.
  • Cold Ocean
    The Cold Ocean is a large body of water north of the continent.
  • Conjuration
    Conjuration is the study of imbuing everyday objects with special powers.
  • Crypt Ghoul
    A Crypt Ghoul is an undead creature summoned by a Necromancer that feeds on living flesh. Dismembered parts of its body can move on their own.
  • Dark Whey
    Dark Whey is a sticky, black substance made from bone powder and used by Necromancers.
  • Doppelganger
    A Doppelganger is a duplicate of a person created by an amorphous being.
  • Earth Spirit
    An Earth Spirit is a twelve foot tall, headless spirit composed of earth and rocks.
  • Elemental Magic
    Elemental Magic is the manipulation of air, earth, fire, and water.
  • Familiar
    A familiar is an animal that shares a special bond with a wizard. The familiar and its master can communicate through words, emotions, and sometimes thoughts.
  • Farset
    Farset is a human town bordering the western wastelands.
  • Ferfolk
    The Ferfolk are leather-skinned warriors from the desert. They are resistant to the direct effects of magic.
  • Forest Spirit
    A Forest Spirit is a human-shaped spirit consisting of leaves, twigs, and dirt. It can grow larger as it picks up debris from the forest floor.
  • Foxmoor
    Foxmoor is a small village northeast of Farset.
  • Fracodian
    A Fracodian is a hairy, pug-faced cross between a human and a bear. Some are able to become berserk, gaining strength and speed for a limited time.
  • Ghoul
    Ghouls are flesh-eating withered humans created and controlled by a specter.
  • Giant Fluke
    A giant fluke is a fish from the southern waters of the Great Ocean.
  • Great Library
    The Great Library was formerly a monastery in fourth ring of Zairn but now holds the largest collection of books and scrolls in the land. It is a rectangular building with an open courtyard in the middle.
  • Great Ocean
    The Great Oceans is a large body of water east of the continent.
  • Hidville
    Hidville is a large village two days west of Krof. The Necromancer lives in a cemetery in Hidville.
  • Hillside
    Hillside is a small village on an offshoot of the Anxiar River.
  • Illusion
    Illusion is the study of disguise and deception.
  • Krof
    Krof is the largest town on the Sinewan River, halfway between Terun City and Zairn, with many extravagant inns.
  • Magma Spirit
    A Magma Spirit is powerful spirit summoned from a Phoenix egg. Nine feet tall with wings of volcanic glass and a globular body of magma, it glows like the embers of fire and has skin in constant motion. It is one of the few spirits that can withstand its master unless restrained within a magic circle.
  • Marsh Dragon
    A Marsh Dragon is able to change the shape and hardness of its skin and can spawn doppelganger-like beings. It is not a true dragon.
  • Mist Spirit
    A Mist Spirit is a small, round ball of mist with arms, legs, and eyes.
  • Mountain Giant
    A Mountain Giant is a twenty foot tall humanoid with a bloated body and stringy hair. It is capable of limited speech and typically wears rotting clothes made from animal hides.
  • Naedregat
    A Naedregat is a large black and white creature with the body of a goat and two snake heads. Each head can spit a stream of deadly acid.
  • Necromancy
    Necromancy is the study of death and the dead.
  • Night Spirit
    A Night Spirit is a spherical, shape-changing, inky black spirit with tentacles. It kills through terror and has a nearly invulnerable outer layer.
  • Ogre
    An Ogre is an eight-foot tall humanoid with gruff face, green tongue, and thick hide.
  • Pensorean Mountains
    The Pensorean Mountains separate the human lands from the Cold Ocean east of Terun City. They are covered by white pine forests.
  • Phoenix
    A Phoenix is a rare, magical bird whose egg can be used to summon a Magma Spirit.
  • Razor Mountains
    The Razor Mountains are the western half of the Pensorean Mountain Range. They are taller and rockier than the mountains east of Terun City.
  • River Spirit
    A River Spirit is a gigantic headless torso similar to an Earth Spirit but composed of water.
  • Sabretooth
    A Sabretooth is a powerful feline predator with long fangs. Arboreals will occasionally tame sabretooths as attack cats against large targets.
  • Seaton
    Seaton is a port city on Anxiar Delta by Great Ocean. It is the second largest city in the land.
  • Sinewan
    The Sinewan River flows from the Razor Mountains past Krof to Zairn.
  • Skeleton
    A Skeleton is a set of bones animated by a Necromancer. It is able to wield weapons and obey simple commands.
  • Sorcery
    Sorcery is the summoning and controlling of spirits.
  • Specter
    A Specter is the half-dead state of a powerful Necromancer. It has a nebulous torso with a head, arms, and glowing yellow eyes.
  • Staff of Ogma
    The Staff of Ogma is an enchanted ebony staff in the shape of two intertwined vipers with their tongues extended.
  • Terun
    The Teruns are a race of mountain-dwellers. Short and manipulative, they are the masters of metal and stone.
  • Terun City
    Terun City is the mountainside home of Terun traders, healers, and merchants. It is less prestigious than the Undercity but more impressive to outsiders.
  • Terun Fungal Ale
    Terun Fungal Ale is a tangy beverage brewed in the Undercity.
  • Thaumaturgy
    Thaumaturgy is the study of blessings and miracles.
  • Transmutation
    Transmutation is the transformation of one or more objects.
  • Two Rivers
    Two Rivers is a small village near Seaton.
  • Undercity
    The Undercity is the lower half of Terun City, located beneath the Tooth of the Gods.
  • Wastelands
    The Wastelands is a vast desert covering the central and western portion of the continent.
  • Water Spirit
    A Water Spirit is an amorphous spirit drawn from small bodies of water such as ponds or lakes. It is able to send multiple tendrils of water long distances simultaneously.
  • Zairn
    Zairn is the oldest and largest city in the land. It is located where the Sinewan River spills into the Great Ocean and has been build in concentric rings separated by walls of stone.
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