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The Legacy of Ogma Cover
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Oh to go adventuring! I've always been a fan of the classic Dungeons & Dragons game, the great Tolkien, and all things magical. Reading E.A. Rappaport's book, The Legacy of Ogma, was a delightful trip into fantasyland.

Wizards and apprentices, a beautiful thief, a rugged giant of a man, and other kindred spirits are destined to fulfill a fate together that leads them through enchanted forests, crazy desert-like conditions, into underwater hideaways and on to the challenges of a lifetime. The beautiful Halia "happens upon" a mystical glass orb and sets out to discover its abilities and history. Along the way she discovers that it is not the only one of its kind. With the quest under way, a wizard and his two apprentices join in the search for answers. Another wizard is on a similar quest, the company he keeps a bit more influential in the war department. All will come together as the plot unfolds and the mystery of the orbs is revealed. In a classic battle of good versus evil, the book leads readers through a fantastical ride.
The Legacy of Ogma is a wonderful example of fantasy. The traditional roles of wizard, thief, strong man, battle hero, good and evil, are all represented in quality fashion. That this is the first in a trilogy of books is good news to fans of adventure. The book is well written and planned out; the characters true to form and full of likeability. I enjoyed the trip into a magical world and trust others will as well.
Review by Heather Froeschl, www.bookreviews.com